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Tips for Bible Study

Knowing and learning about God’s Word is an integral part of the Christian life. The Bible tells us the story of God and His dealings with humanity, giving us a picture of how we view God and what He has done for us and what He wants of us. Here at ICS, this is especially […]

Poetry Contest Winners!!

Staff Poetry Contest – The Results are in!

After a month of careful examination and voting, the results for the 3rd Annual Staff Poetry Contest are in. It was a close run this year with a winner from 2 categories: Student Favorite, and Most Poetic. The winner for the Most Poetic is Ms. Lafferty with her poem “If Hope”. Here is her compelling composition:

If Hope

If hope is the thing with feathers

I hope they’re made of lead

So that my heart is tethered

Against all the words you’ve said


And if in my soul it perches

I pray it never flies

I’ll firmly shut the curtains

Without light it’s sure to die


I don’t want this hope to venture

Or fly above the trees

And so of course I drench her

In oil and gasoline


In blazes upon blazes

I set this hope a-flame

Make ashes of your phrases

And embers of your game


No longer will my hope roam

Out under blue sky-days

For fear it will find a home

And rent forget to pay


For I have found that hope doesn’t come free

And pain is the wage

For letting hopes float up, up, up

And judgment run away.


The winner for Student Favorite is Ms. Keister with her poem “Ode to Reese’s”. Have a bite into her rich rhyme:

Ode To Reese’s

Oh Reese’s, god of Salty Sweets

I am unworthy to speak your praise.

Just one thought of you, howe’er discrete

Leaves desolate my soul for days.


Oh Reese’s, deceiver of the Great

Your innocence is but a ruse.

Truly, I wish I had n’er partake

In your brown and golden hues.


Oh Reese’s, king of Rigged Circles

Rolling, Rippled, Royal, Reviled

By all who dream for losing weight

Your substance is poison, pure beguile.


Oh Reese’s, Bank Robber

You have no soul.

For the Singapore shopper,

You are three dollars, whole.


Oh Reese’s, czar of Orange and Brown,

Your wrappings hide an imperial gift.

To think a peasant, without renown

Could ever deserve the slightest whiff.


Yet Milton Hershey, you I blame

For this fine candy, so profane.

All I can ask of God above

Is heav’n be paved in chocolate love.


The Student Favorite category also had a runner-up, that was Mr. Marston with his three haikus. Here is a taste of his perfect poetry:

A haiku about writing haiku:

Complex but simple

Haiku are hard to end well…

Potato salad

A haiku about friendship:

True friends forgive, right?

While you were in the bathroom…

I ate your entrée

A haiku about love:

Addiction is sad,

But true love must be pursued…

Twelve more doughnuts please.


Thank you to everyone who submitted a poem! Even though you may not have won this year, but the sophomores had a great time reading through them. There is always a chance to win next year as well. Good luck!