Dodgeball Tournament

On Friday, August 23rd,  the much anticipated dodgeball tournament took place and lured participating students with the prospect of winning not only free admission to all STUCO events for the rest of the semester, but also the chance of getting free movie tickets!

In order to participate, each group had to have had at least one girl and one freshman on its team with a limit of 5 player and contribute $10 per team. The team that ended up winning first place consisted of Ken Leong, Eugene Koo, Mr. denHartog,  Sung Soo Park and Nadia Halim. The game was a close call this year; and was actually one of the more competitive games that I’ve been to, and I’m sure many others would say the same.

Every year, students and teachers look forward to the dodgeball tournament as a chance to root for their favorite team, see their friends compete, and dodge the flying balls whizzing through this air, and this time, the tournament did not disappoint.  The tournament was filled with fun and laughter, just as it always is, and everyone seemed to enjoy their time; whether participating in the actual tournament or cheering for their favorite team on the sides.

By: Naomi Ditzenberger

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