Hail Our Great Leaders!

For the month of August, we decided to interview  Kazimier and Dylan Leong, the President and Vice President of the ICS 2013 – 2014 High School Student Council. We asked some basic questions, and were given some very interesting answers.

Here is the Q&A with Kazimier:

The Knightly News: What do you think you can do for the High School to make this year different?

Kazimier: Honestly speaking, I believe I can serve the High School better this year through a simple way – events. This year, we will be hosting events catering to the needs of a majority of the student body, as well as exploring new and bold events, thus allowing the Council of 2014-2015 more options as to how they serve you.

The Knightly News: What does being the President of the Student Council mean to you?

Kazimier: Being the President of the Student Council means a lot to me, I am not going to lie. It is an indicator that the student body has been on the right track and that they are not turning back. Many people aim for such a position for self-glory, popularity, or simply for an additional item in their college applications, but rest assured, these things are meaningless to me – I am here to serve the student body and only to serve.

The Knightly News: What would the Student Council like to change about the High School?

Kazimier: Having been at ICS for over seven years (this is my eighth year), I have noticed most everyone is familiar with each other, to the point that we are mostly friends, if not siblings. However, when Banquet season comes, every boy competes to ask someone out and every girl gets their emotions in a twist when the expected does not happen. I hate seeing my friends killing each other and suffering with each other. Who says we need to kill or suffer? That is something I want the Council to change the High School with – less emphasis on having a date and more emphasis on bonding, especially since at ICS, people come and go as the wind blows.

The Knightly News: What does the Student Council plan on doing this quarter?

Kazimier: The Student Council has in plan a few large events, including the Shoeboxes for India Project, which supports orphans under the care of the Shalom India Foundation, as well as a celebratory school dance at the end of the quarter. Bear in mind, this is on top of other high school events we have in store.

The Knightly News: Now about ICS – what is it you enjoy most about here?

Kazimier: Aside from the lack of just about everything, the people here make ICS a many-splendoured place. I know the administration simply loves to promote the community spirit of ICS, but it is the simple truth – the friendships and the supportive community spirit keeps me going.

The Knightly News: Alright, Mr President, we’re almost done! Now it’s time for the favourites. What’s your favourite colour?

Kazimier: My favorite colour is brunneus, which is simply dark brown used chiefly scientifically. The only reason why I like this colour is because no one else really knows the existence of such a colour.

The Knightly News: What about your favourite food?

Kazimier: Hard choice… I like the edible kind.

The Knightly News: And your favourite class?

Kazimier: Now, now, I love all classes equally – I’m not a class-ist.

The Knightly News: Finally, would you like to say something to our student body?

Kazimier: I would like to thank everyone for giving the Council a mandate, which is to serve your better; a mandate to represent and meet the needs of our student body, to encourage a wholesome environment, to exemplify positive qualities while having fun, and to host events to make the school year more enjoyable. With every step of progress, I am confident that this council is on the right track; we will do not turn back. I hope everyone has the moves like Jagger, has the moves like Jagger, has the moo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ooves like Jagger!

And here is the Q&A with Dylan Leong.

The Knightly News: What do you think you can do for the High School to make this year different?

Dylan: I plan to innovate and create, to develop a welcoming experience for the student body. I’ll bring in both new ideas and bring back the classic oldies that everyone has enjoyed in the past, to hopefully form bonds and ties of friendship, with the goal of making school a place of friends and family. Basically, to try and have fun and make friends!

The Knightly News: What does being the Vice President of the Student Council mean to you?

Dylan: It is a great power, which in the wise words of uncle Ben, means a great responsibility and duty to the students of ICS!

The Knightly News: What do you enjoy most about ICS?

Dylan: I really enjoy study halls, they are very fun, the “freedom” I get allows me to use my time as I would like. Just kidding. On a more serious note, the people is what I enjoy most about ICS. Interacting with others always brightens up my day, and the interaction with not only friends, but teachers, also makes my school experience in ICS an extremely enjoyable one.

The Knightly News: Okay, finally, it’s time for favourites. What’s your favourite colour?

Dylan: I don’t have a favorite color, but if I had to choose, it would be between turquoise, because it’s pretty, or red, because most cool things are red. Like a sith light-saber. Bzeowwwwwwww.

The Knightly News: What about your favourite food?

Dylan: What about it?

The Knightly News: What is your favourite class?

Dylan: All my classes are tasty, I enjoy every class I am in.

The Knightly News: Now would you like to say something to our student body?

Dylan: I’d like to say that there are exciting events coming up throughout the year; look forward to them! Also, I would like to add in a song lyric. So here goes. I would catch a grenade for ya’! Yeaaaah yeaaaah but it’ll hurt! Pretty bad! Because it’s a grenade! Throw my hand on a blade for ya’! Yeaaaah yeaaaah! So I’ll get a bionic arm! Like Anakin Sykwalker! Jump in front of a train for ya’!

By: LiXuan Tan

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