More Than a Team

girls bball

When the last bell rings to dismiss the students from school on the Monday of August 19th, there is much commotion in the locker rooms; 10 minutes later, the normally crowded hallways seem emptier, and the gyms noisier. The varsity season has begun.

Among the many athletic teams in ICS is the Varsity Girls Basketball Team. It has been 5 years since the school began the team, and they have come a long way since 2007. Already, the girls have had 6 practices and a party, hosted at Coach Bandy’s and Stucky’s home. Not only did they watch a lovely movie about whales, but they also finished all the spaghetti that the coaches had painstakingly cooked – leaving none for them. But of course, there was more to the party than teary movies and hungry girls; led by their 4 senior team leaders, the team discussed their personal and team goals. Among the team goals are the usual – To build stamina, to grow the offense/defense, and to cooperate and work as a team.  Then there is the less usual – to grow spiritually and, as mushy as this may sound, truly become a family. Tanya Del Rosario, one of the team leaders, explains simply, “Being a family goes beyond being a team; It’s not only about basketball and teamwork, but also things like school life and friends – you know, like being involved and caring about your teammate on stuff outside the court as well”. Taran Estad, a Varsity Basketball junior, agrees: “We’re a basketball family. I’m really excited about this year. Our intensity has been high, and I love the team!”

Taran isn’t the only one excited for the year. While coach Stucky points out the camaraderie and current level of the girls, Coach Bandy says, “In the past, I thought that we were good enough to compete with some of the larger schools. Now, I’d say we’re possibly good enough to beat them.” She adds, “The best part about the players is their attitude. it’s already set.”

The motto that the girls have chosen for the year is lengthy but worth every word: “together we stand, together we fall. Together we win, and winners take all.” The team will have many games in the coming year of 2013~2014. The Varsity Girl Knights will do their utmost to bring home the coveted medals – but whether or not they win, the team remains the same in their steadfast goals. The athletes are winners through and through – and winners take all.

by: Monica Kim

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