Moore Art

The other day, we conducted a quick interview with Mr. Moore, the high school and middle school art teacher, who gave us some interesting insight on the art department and his job in general. When asked why he decided to come to ICS, Mr. Moore explained that he didn’t specifically want a job in Singapore, but  he applied for a job with a missions organization (NICS) that helped share the gospel, and he wanted to use his teaching degree. He had no idea where they (NICS) would put him; turns out, ICS Singapore was suggested. The next thing Mr Moore knew, he had gotten a phone call from ICS asking him if he wanted a teaching job.

Our next question asked Mr. Moore why he chose to pursue art and what inspires him so much about it. Mr. Moore said that as a kid, what inspired him most was the ability to just draw a simple line. He says that it thrilled him to do something so simple, and it amazed him that all beings are  capable of creating something. He goes on to tell us that he  just loves the act of making art because you are able to communicate so much through it.

When asked how long he’s been working at ICS, Mr. Moore explains that he’s been here seven years in all. He came to Singapore and taught at ICS for two years, then went to California to study for 4. For the last 5 years, Mr. Moore has been teaching art yet again at ICS. He actually used to teach music and PE! PE was simple and fun for him, whereas he says that music was challenging, though enjoyable. Mr Moore shares that his favorite class to teach here at ICS really depends on the day. Since he’s in a different mood every day, he tends to enjoy some classes more than others.

Our next question for Mr. Moore was asking what his hardest class to teach was. He took a moment to think and than finally replied that  it would be AP; primarily, he says, because he has the least experience teaching that class. “I need to stay out of people’s way if they’re doing things right,” he adds.

Okay, moving on to the favorite part of Mr. Moore’s job: when asked what he enjoys most about his job, Mr. Moore flashes a grin, as if thinking of a specific moment in the past. He says that he absolutely loves it when he gets surprised by something that a student does. And what he loves even more is when students get surprised by their own work and discover that they have potential and are capable with coming up with something amazing.

I then asked Mr. Moore what he would change about his job if he was able to. He replied without hesitation that he would would definitely love to have Mrs. Moore and Joy come to Manila with him for Week Without Walls. After asking him if he’s looking forward to Manila, he responds with the answer of being excited, but still disappointed about there being no more Dumaguete trip. He also tells us that he’s in contact with people in Dumaguete and actually has quite a few connections; so it’s been hard to tell them all that he and the group from ICS will be unable to return next year.  He adds that he is sure Manila will be an amazing trip, though; and that he’s  excited to meet new people and encounter different experiences! Mr. Moore also tells us that he will probably be staying at ICS for another four years at least to go to the Week Without Wall trips every year. He says that his family has made some commitments here in Singapore for a few more years but  then adds, “God could change our plans, though.”

We move on to a tricky question, asking our talented art teacher what kind of art he enjoys doing most. He tells us that he loves music; “it’s so powerful and comes and goes so quickly.” He also starts talking about painting and how you’re able to capture the unseen and make it seen.  Mr. Moore tells us that he believes photography is a really cool concept as well; being able to freeze time and look back on it. But what he says he’s really found fascinating lately is 3D printing- it’s exciting and new. ”You have an idea and you can figure out a way to communicate that idea by building a model in cyberspace,” he explains. Mr. Moore talks about how 3D printing is such an original idea and a whole new way of making art. He even mentions that the art department is considering getting a 3D printer next month and that he’s visited a factory that makes 3D printers and has been able to see them working on it. There’s one prototype that the art department thinks looks interesting that should be released in October.

We then approached Mr. Moore with our last question, “Can you give us some details about your upcoming art show?” Mr. Moore says that the upcoming art-show is at Lowercase inside the Lasalle College of the Arts on 1 McNally Street. “It will be up from September 22nd-October 26th, featuring 5-6 of my acrylic paintings,” he says. The show is called ‘Present Active Sacred’. The opening is on October 11th where he will give a little talk on his art.  Also, he mentions that one of his students, Brie Goetz, who sings and writes songs, will also be performing some of her works that night.

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