The Philosofarmer

Few of us will ever reach the pinnacle of intellectual thought that is Jason DenHartog. A true master of the art of philosophy, cynicism, sarcasm, and all things league of legends. However after serious meditation on his part, many walks through the forest of the world, standing atop high places to view majesty, he has come to understand that the only true life for him is that of the humble farmer and servitude to one’s elders. So with much thought and consideration he issued this statement. “Yea, Im gonna….go farm” (As heard during second period worldview) The depth and complexity of that statement just goes to show the man’s true genius.

Readers may criticise Mr. DenHartog’s choice; however, if you deeply analyse the motivations behind why he is choosing the life of a farmer you will understand more deeply.

REASON 1- The Humble Life

REASON 2-The Simple Life

REASON 3- Karl Marx

REASON 4-Farm Animals

REASON 5-Something to do with his grandmother.


“Smells Like Money”
(credit to Elisabeth Chin)

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