Shooting in the LA International Airport

Last Friday, a man walked into the LA airport, much like any other person. A little troubled perhaps, but no more than everyone else. He had no history of mental illness or violence, was remembered as a quiet high school student, and had no major run ins with the police. In short, he had a clean slate. This man was Paul Anthony Ciancia.

This man, a Catholic and 23 year old member of the popular Fraternal Order of Police back in New Jersey, calmly walked into the airport and asked people present this simple question: “Hey, are you TSA?”. When finally given an affirmative answer, he “pulled an assault rifle out of a bag” and opened fire, killing TSA officer Gerardo Hernandez and wounding several others. He had enough ammunition to “have literally killed everyone in that terminal”. And yet, any who claimed not to be of the TSA is left untouched. He passed them over to continue in his hunt for more TSA officers, eventually getting shot multiple times in the chest while continuing his eerily calm run through the terminal.

Ciancia had remained in the hospital as of this Saturday, was said to be unresponsive, and FBI Special Agent in Charge David Bowdich said that they “are unable to interview him, as of today.”

What could have driven Ciancia to commit such an atrocity? Friends, family and roommates are “absolutely shocked” by the charges. No telltale signs of instability had ever surfaced before, and nothing has emerged as of yet. All that is currently known is a series of angry texts sent to his younger brother the week before the shooting, and a note found on his person which expresses anti government sentiments, emphasizing a hatred of the TSA especially.

The tale of Ciancia’s motivation for his atrocity is a story yet to unfold.

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