Philippines and How YOU Can Help

How can you help the Philippines? Well from my research, there are four main ways that can seriously reach the Philippines. The Red Cross, Salvation Army, UMCOR and NCM.

The first organization is the Red Cross Philippines. If there is anyone organization that deserves your respect and admiration its the Red Cross. On of the first people on the scene of a disaster is the Red Cross. As well as the its help across the entire world the Red Cross has also started its work in the destroyed town of Tacloban.

The Second, the Salvation Army are one of the most reliable organizations for getting your funds where you want them to go. It also has an incredibly strong structure and organization. Its presence in the Philippines is well known throughout the many disasters it has endured.

UMCOR and the NCR are both religious affiliated structures but both with a powerful presence in the country and due to their dispersion of Churches across the Philippines they can readily access the people in need in the villages. They also aid in a capacity beyond just the physical when many come to question why God would allow this; they encourage spiritual renewal after such disasters.

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