I Think I Ain’t Never Seen…

… Anything as horrible as the grammar of the title.

Ehehehe… I’m funny.

A Limerick

There was a poor lady from Ypres

who was hit in the cheek by two snipers.

The tunes that she played

from the holes that they’d made,

beat both the Glasgow and Southerland pipers.

Another Limerick

There once was a boy here on lease

who sat hours right here making these.

When he got up to walk,

he was in deep shock.

For he found himself numb from the knees.

And to Top it all off, a Haiku

Tired, I’m still busy.

But I have time to goof off.

I am so awesome.

Oh, and this is supposed to be a news brief, but it obviously isn’t going to be anything remotely like this. (Hopefully. Though if you like it, we can keep it.) (PLEASE!)

Well, the fact that it is still like this shows that this was approved. So there.

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