Faculty / Staff Poetry Contest

Mrs. White’s 10th Grade English Class is pleased to announce the winners of the 2nd Annual Faculty/Staff Poetry Contest. The class thoroughly enjoyed reading and discussing the various poems we received. Thank you for contributing poems!  Enjoy the poetic efforts below–the students debated for 2 days to choose the top two winners in each category!

Most Poetic

The City Symphony

by Hannah Campbell

My alarm goes off; I wake in tense surprise!

The world is going to change before my very eyes.

I stand before my window, waiting to behold,

The music of the city as the sky turns gold.

One by one the lights of night wink out,

Deep in myself I suppress a shout,

And just grin as a thrill runs through me,

Quiet now!  It’s starting; the city symphony.

I hear the sunlight, slipping through the leaves

Like the sound of a shaker; sand slipping through a sieve.

The rain makes the sound of bells that shine,

Sparkling in the grass like glitter so fine.

People are walking, a pulse starts to pound,

Busses and cars make the drum corps sound.

The breeze picks up, the silver palms rustle,

Birds with their flute-calls join in the bustle.

Taxis cut in, the horn section is blaring,

Trains on the rails make the strings so daring.

Everywhere is music, everywhere is color!

Every trip becomes a dance, every street becomes a wonder.

In this audible painting, this visual symphony,

Like water music from the city swells around me.

And as I get ready to go about my day,

In all honesty, this is what I have to say,

That no matter where I travel, in bus or train or car,

This morning I heard the loveliest music by far.

Runner-up Most Poetic


by M Stern


Mene, Tekel, Peres

Is the cry of the night

Judgment passed

Thus an empire falls

It starts with a knife fight

Is it right?

Visualize a surgical strike

Et tu, Brute?

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

It is the right of man

The fall of the Ancien Regime

Vive la Révolution

Old versus the New

They were the Manchu

Thus the new republic

Cut off your cue

Red versus White

Who is right?

The end of the Czar

How bizarre

Fighting the Empire of the Sun

Little Boy & Fat Man

A horrific civil war

Finally standing victorious at Tian An Men

Black cat white cat

Mao says its wrong

Is it pragmatism?

It’s an open door

Containment & cold war

Ich bin ein Berliner

Perestroika and Glasnost

Thus the fall of the wall

The people want to bring down the regime

Thus it began in the spring

Grab your Kalashnikov

To Tweet is to topple

Student Favorite

Learning To Communicate

by Karen Sim

First there were cries.

Then sounds, tones and gestures.

A chuckle and a nod

And pointing to pictures.

The first magic words

Were “Mommy” and “Daddy”

You continue to impress

with endless vocabulary.

Then came the day

When you were only three,

You whispered “I love you”

so sweetly to me.

Now you have mastered

the art of communication

For you have spoken

the language of heaven.

Runner-Up Student Favorite

Little Blue

by Hannah Campbell


Oh I’m the cutest thing that ya ever did see,

I’m a powder blue four-string ukulele.

A dolphin-shaped bridge of mahogany,

And a rosewood board are what makes up me.

I’m Little Blue,

I’m Little Blue.

I like to sing my name ‘cause it sure sounds so fine.

I always keep in tune for that owner of mine.

I miss her when she’s gone, I always pine,

To be taken out and played where I can shine.

I’m Little Blue,

I’m Little Blue.

Well the guitars all teased me ‘cause I’m short and fat,

But they have no idea where love is really at.

For in that fusty store where they waited and sat,

I was the one she bought and took home to her flat.

I’m Little Blue,

I’m Little Blue.

No other instrument can be as happy as I,

And if you lean in close I’ll tell the reason why,

Though I’m small, laughed at, and generally shy,

I am the apple of my owner’s eye.

I’m Little Blue,

I’m so glad to be Little Blue.

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