Arizona’s Jail-Turned Lovebird

Valentine’s Day Escape

Love is in the air, or at least in jail. Down in Arizona, suspect Joseph Dekenipp went from jailbird to lovebird and back to jailbird, all in the space of three hours.  Apparently, he was determined to spend Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend.

So, because it’s completely normal to do so, he crawled past razor wire, scaled two fences and was able to make his way to a bar about ten miles away. Three hours later, he was caught by Pinal County deputies and hauled back to jail.

Dekenipp had been booked in jail on various charges, including suspected car theft, unlawful flight and driving on a suspended license. Looks like this lovebird is going to be away from his girlfriend for a while longer because now, on top of all that, he has to face escape charges.

Poor guy. Apparently love doesn’t conquer all.

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