ICS’s Louisiana Chicken

With its compact student population and emphasis on interpersonal relationships, ICS has boasted of being a community – oriented school. The students, parents, and faculty have much to take credit for in the knowledge that ICS has indeed lived up to its name. There is, however, another component of the community that has not been given its due credit. Even as their existence is crucial to the wellbeing of ICS, they have been taken for granted and utilized without thought or thanks. Without them, the upperclassmen are forced to eat in the canteen. Without them, teachers are de-caffeinated, students malnourished, and after-school options limited.

These unrecognized members of our community are Gong Cha, Subway, the back hawker center, and most notably, Starbucks.

There is never a day that the back hawker is empty of students during lunch hours. Due to long lines, students have even called the hawker to order their fried rice. Subway and Gong Cha, too, are populated by students and teachers during and after school. And lastly, Starbucks is the ICS favorite spot for homework, snacks, and socializing. One can become so used to seeing ICS members in Starbucks that the cafe begins to feel like an extended canteen. High School English teacher Mrs. White sums up the ICS population’s irrefutable dependency on these shops: “If ICS moves, Starbucks moves with it.”

Indeed, students and teachers are content with this community of stores that provide such diverse lunch options. However, they came back from Christmas break with a pleasant surprise; A new store had entered the West Coast scene – Popeyes, a fast food restaurant with its fried chicken from the “Louisiana Kitchen.” It has only been around a few weeks since school started, and already a majority of students have tried out the fast food chain. E.J., a ICS junior, has eaten at the restaurant many times and comments, “I enjoy the atmosphere and service. The chicken and mashed potatoes are really good too – those are the best at Popeyes.” Not only do students enjoy Popeyes after school, but also during lunch as well. Taran Estad has shown her appreciation for the restaurant by carrying back the Popeyes take-away box after lunch – “It’s pretty nice to have a fast food restaurant like Popeyes around school. It’s fast and the food is good. Especially the biscuits there.” Interestingly, the biscuits seem to be a favorite among many people – Tanya Del Rosario, Migo Misa, and Mrs.Goetz all report the biscuits as their favorite snack.

Whether or not Popeye’s popularity is simply due to it’s unfamiliarity is a matter to be decided for later. And whether or not it will become part of the ICS lunch community will be decided by the preference of the students and faculty who continue to enjoy the fast food goodness.

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