Civ V and Thoughts on Dark Souls II

Yes, I know what some of you (if anyone even bothers to read this) may be thinking. “Amos, your game reviews are really boring and overflowing with superlatives that really tend to lead the reader on without end, only to disappoint with the mediocrity of your writing style. Maybe you should just quit.” What I must say to you then, imaginary reader, is that I don’t care too much about your opinions. My imaginary fanbase will just hunt you down and beat you up.

All such boring hallucinations and conversations with myself aside, I am rather excited to be reviewing Civilization V. Having not really played it before, the very idea of it definitely piqued my interest. Social policies that build upon themselves? Randomly distributed city-states? Units that gain experience and gain promotions? Hexagonal tiles (of all things)? “Count me in!” I was thinking to myself while reading the description on the box.

Six to seven hours later, I had finished my first game and felt a curious ache in my heart. Sure, the aforementioned features were all present, but the game itself had a certain… lackluster quality to it. Sure, the game was fun to play, but it simply wasn’t amazing. One of its main problems is the overall lack of size in the game. With the introduction of the one unit per tile mechanic, congestion problems get worse than a traffic jam in a rainstorm. The heavy penalties placed upon claiming new cities makes the sprawling empires of previous games a thing of the past. The AI of the game aren’t too great, either; they seem to be unable to stick to a coherent strategy, and their military tactics leave a lot to be desired. All in all, though, the game definitely was not bad. A few rough edges, a few bad turns, but the game was still fun. Gameplay tended to be a little long drawn out, but seeing as the game was essentially recreating human history over a period of six thousand years, I felt that was forgivable. I’ll give it a B+.

Civilization V, however, holds no weight when compared to just how excited I actually am for Dark Souls II. I. Am. VERY. Excited. I can hardly wait! A few concerns, though; will it be as hard as the previous title? Is it still going to retain its fun? Is the mood still going to be the same? Will the storyline still be as engaging? Or will Dark Souls fall to the same traps that have plagued gaming since the dawn of time?

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