Senior Presentations!

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the Senior Class of 2014 share research from their Senior Thesis Projects. Presentations start Monday, April 14th. Here is the schedule:

Monday, April 14 —

8:15 – Jessica Chan – Trafficking in China and Media Overexposure

8:35 – Scott Shon – Unethical Practices in business

9:10 – Joseph Chin – The Importance of Sleep for Adolescents

9:30 – Adeline Ting – Adolescent Self-Harm

Tuesday, April 15 —

8:45 – Kazimier Lim – An Expository Evaluation of Democracy in Singapore

9:05 – Taylor Matthews – Breaking Down the Stigmas and Stereotypes of Diabetes

9:40 – Justin Oh – Video Game Violence and Aggression in Children

10:00 – Bin Sou – Juche Ideology: Two Way Passage to Peace

Wednesday, April 16 —

8:15 – Elisabeth Chin – Social Networking Sites’ Effects on Adolescent Identity Formation and Self-Esteem

8:35 – Gabe Brunk – Gender Occupation Segregation within the Nursing Field

9:10 – Keara Chan – NGO Administration of Healthcare in Developing Countries

9:30 – Caleb Rigsby – Solving Aid Dependency in the Developing World

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