Some News, Brought to You by the Ever Popular… ME!

Hey imaginary readers! Amos here with yet another seemingly pointless news update. This is what I will name my little snippets of information from now on, with reasons that are twofold. First of all, no one reads what I write (to be honest, though, I don’t really blame you, nameless member of the masses). Second of all, what I write really DOES seem pointless. If my subject matter does end up affecting you in some severe way, then you have my sincerest apologies and a friendly suggestion to take up some other line of work that doesn’t involve obscure little scuffles in far flung places or annoying nuisances found locally.

There, with that introduction finished, here’s the news.

So, there’s a bug with Internet Explorer these days that allows hackers to control others’ PCs. Basically, hackers make a website that installs malware every time a chump is duped into visiting it. Why is this such a serious threat? Well, it allows the hacker to take complete control of your computer, without even you noticing. A hacker can gain instant access to every piece of information ever stored on the computer, including email accounts and passwords. This new attack is known as a “zero-day”, which is a completely new and unique approach to hacking, amplifying the vulnerabilities of systems due to the fact that they have not yet been patched. Word of advice? Now, obviously this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Who actually uses Internet Explorer? For that matter, if you happen to be one of the poor saps using it, DITCH IT NOW. This trap only works on IE, so pretty much every browser, apart from being better than IE by leaps and bounds, is completely safe from this new hacking technique. As if I needed another reason not to use Internet Explorer…

I’m going to break with my long held tradition of not writing about anything serious to write about Egypt. An Egyptian court has just sentenced the leader and hundreds of members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood to death. Normally, I wouldn’t consider executions too much of a concern for anyone, but these could potentially destabilize Egypt even more. I may not personally believe in Islam, but the great majority (about 90%) of Egyptians do. The trials themselves have already caused major rioting within Cairo and other regions of Egypt; actually carrying out the executions will have hideous consequences for the stability of the region.


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