Digital Art

The first thoughts that come to mind when the word “art” is mentioned are paintings, sculptures, murals, and more. The art room is indeed  filled with a myriad of artworks depicting colors, abstract designs, realistic sketches, and babies (Jessica Chan). However, the digital art class of 2014 has produced art that not only has aesthetic value, but also practical uses. These practical pieces of art come in the form of plastic sculptures – courtesy to the new 3d printer.

“This 3d printer is essentially the same as a normal printer. It just prints in 3d space instead of 2d, and uses corn-based plastic instead of printer ink,” Mr.Moore explains. The printer has a cube frame and contains convoluted jumbles of wire; what it prints out, though, are creative pieces that students design using software like Sculptris and Sketch Up. Human figurines, animals, plastic swords, and other weapons (among them a “bat-erang”) lie in the display cabinet outside the art room. Josh Sullivan and Daniel Jungnickel have even taken a step further and designed a gopro camera attachment. Josh says, “we were too lazy to go buy one, and it would have cost around fifty dollars. So we just made one, and it actually ended up working.” By using a leg from an easel and fastening their 3d-printed attachment on the rod, they were able to attach their camera to it and take long-distance selfies during Week Without Walls.

Of course, the digital art class does more than 3d-printing. By using other software like inkscape, students have exercised skills in architecture and engineering. Pictures of home designs and floor plans created by Hyunwoo Kim and Justin Tan also hang on the wall in the art room. With furniture plans, house models, and plastic contraptions – as well as numerous other digitally-designed pieces – digital art class is a multi-faceted class.

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