Hidden ICS Athletic Talents

Disclaimer: This article may not be entirely based on the truth –but all individuals mentioned except for Caleb Rigsby have given their approval for publishing.

AMOS CHI: One quote from Amos chi sums it all: “crunching people’s bones – American football – has a type of cathartic effect; I feel so free, and my mind goes floating off. It’s like I’m approaching nirvana. It also lets me get in touch with my feminine side.”

CALEB RIGSBY: Caleb Rigsby is an unknown jewel among the ICS athletes. No one knows – but he spends many afternoons a week jabbing people with pointy sticks. In other words, he participates in the glorious sport called fencing. The point of fencing – no pun intended – is to gain points by poking people correctly. Rigsby keeps himself fit and healthy through rigorous fencing workouts 7 days a week. You should try poking him to see his fencing skills come into action.

JUNE JAEGAL: Most males tend to partake in sports that build muscle or body. However, June Jaegal is a Korean exception to this pattern. His sport? Kpop. Unknown to the rest of the ICS population, June spends many lunches practicing dance. “Most people see me go out during lunch and think that I go to the Hawker center to eat. What I actually do is practice K-pop with the other Koreans. That’s what we do,” he explains.

WILL BAUD: Will Baud participates in a creative sport that he himself invented. It is called Pecspeech. “I basically practice communicating with my pecs,” he explains. “Like if I twitch my right pec it means yes and if I twitch my left one it means no.” Gradual practice has allowed him to communicate whole sentences with his pectoral muscles. It is a sport that he exercises all times throughout the day; Will Baud and EJ Yandoc have often been seen pectorally communicating to each other during school.

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