STUCO Results

On the 25th of April, the high school student body was faced with a tough decision.

They had to vote for the upcoming years Publicity Director, Events Coordinator, Human Resource Director, CFO, and Communications Director.

Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, the majority of the student body voted all juniors (the upcoming senior class).

Instead of having a position such as President and Vice President, STUCO decided instead to have more equal positions, where all of our elected Student Council members would be able to work together on a more equal level.

Taran Estad won the place of Publicity Director;  Eugene Koo was elected Communications Director;  Gibby Pena was selected  to be Events Coordinator;  Monica Kim was chosen the Human Resources Director, and David Sung as our new CFO.

We decided to interview Monica Kim on what she sees for ICS next year and what she hopes to accomplish as the Human Resources Director.

We asked her what kind of changes she wanted to see happening next year, and she replied with:

Improvement in communication this year has been a major problem that we’ve had to face. Also,  a bunch of kids don’t know whats going on, and now the Student Council  system is set up where we can have better communication, and its not so that one person does all the work, but all of the members have equal parts. That’s really what I’m hoping to see next year.

STUCO is counting on a productive, fun year in which the students will be well informed and involved in the school and activities. The STUCO members will work together as best as they can in order to make the school year informative and fun just for you.

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