We will miss Caleb Rigsby

Caleb Rigsby has been an integral part of ICS since the day he arrived at the gates as a little elementary kid. With his progression through the grades, he has brought blessings and joy to all those he has interacted with. When school started this year in 2013, Caleb Rigsby stepped up on his plate as a senior and vowed to bring hard work and change to his senior year. No other class has shown the results of his hard work more than his journalism class did. To mourn the coming loss of a prime member in the journalism team, as well as to remember the precious impact he has left in the school, a list of what we will miss about him has been compiled.

1.) His work in journalism class: Every morning in first period, Caleb Rigsby has been the first one in the classroom when the bell rings. Many a times the other students will walk into class to find him already typing furiously on his laptop, too absorbed into his new article to heed attention to his classmates. While others around him entertain themselves with games of LOL, tetris, and other male-dominated games, Caleb never veers from his work.

2.) His unconditional love: No other student has expressed as much appreciation and love as Caleb Rigsby has done. Any piece of work that one accomplishes is met by approval and adulation from him. A student comments anonymously, “one time I was crying in the hallway because I failed an important test. Caleb came and hugged me. He quoted a bible verse for me- with his words of encouragement I felt strong again.”

3.) His constant optimism: No one can miss the happy smile he has everyday as he walks through the hallways.

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