Ruminations on Rigsby

Caleb Rigsby: a man, a myth, and a legend. But what is it about him that makes him so entrancing? Is it that dreamily condescending look in his eyes? Or is it that amazingly engaging and uplifting personality of his? Neither, as it turns out. In actuality, the true source of his enchantment actually lies within his hair. Those glorious locks inspire hope within the hopeless, life within the lifeless and knowledge within the masses.

His hair has been scientifically proven to be the all powerful and the benevolent master of us all. Behind the scenes, it has been behind every single historically significant event and scientific advancement since the dawn of mankind. For example, hidden deep within the Constitution, there is an almost imperceptible signature, signed “Caleb’s Hair”. An exclusive interview with the aforementioned Hair revealed that not only has this hair been behind most of the historical documents known to man, but that he also saw personally to the downfall of Hitler and the execution of Osama bin Laden. The only exception to Caleb’s Hair’s influence, as it always seems to be, are the Mongols.

Unless you are the Mongols

So, there we have it: Caleb’s hair ensures that the world continues to run properly. Tune in next time for the next installment, which details yet another amazing part of Caleb: his constantly uplifting and cheerful personality! Until then, this is Amos Chi, signing off.



  1. Mrs. Brosius says:

    As always, Amos, you view the world, including Caleb, through a different lens. Really enjoyed, especially some of the very creative supporting details.

  2. Mr. Moore says:

    Long live the Mongols!

  3. Amos, I have enjoyed your article. Makes me think of Samson with his empowering locks. A legendary reality in every way !

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