The Beginning of ICS High School Athletics

The ICS athletic season is coming up! For high school, cross country and volleyball are the two options available for participation in for this first season. Unfortunately, for volleyball, tryouts have occurred and members of the team have been decided, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t show our support for them! However, if you want to join cross country, then the option is still open. Cross country is for both males and females, and it is run by Mr. Falcone and Mr. Marston. There will be  a few meets, and practices are every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The Varsity Volleyball season has started! There is a female team as well as a male team. The Varsity ladies’ coach is Mrs. Fields; a newly-wed, new staff at ICS. She teaches elementary Physical Education, and her husband teaches Elementary Art. Back in Korea, she consistently participated in volleyball and basketball as a high school student, and then played volleyball at university in the States. Who else would be better to lead our Volleyball girls? Mr Kuang is the Varsity boys’ coach. He is also a newly-wed, but he has worked at ICS for six years. Although new to coaching volleyball, his years of coaching at ICS for the Varsity basketball team and will definitely aid his new role of coaching volleyball. This is ICS’ first male volleyball team, and there is a new coach for the girls, so people are excited!

Come support their games- schedules and game times will be posted on Sycamore and the weekly announcements. Once a Knight, always a Knight!


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