Guns, Cops, and Girls – Interviewing Andre Whatley

He is amazing at basketball, but at 194 cm, he better be. There’s no mistaking him: we’ve all seen Andre Whatley walk around campus. I’ve gotten the chance to ask him a few questions, and I’ve discovered some things about him I wouldn’t have expected.

Where would we start? He loves riding horses and loves shooting guns, so much so that he owns both horses and guns back home in America. He loves fishing and basketball, swimming, and driving fourwheelers around. He also, apparently, loves driving so much that he’s stolen his mother’s car.

“I dont have a criminal record, but I did steal my mom’s car once when I was around five,” he tells. “My brother and I somehow figured how to get the car moving, and we drove it straight out of the driveway and across the street into the ditch.” Luckily for him, a cop came by and took the two of them home. This wasn’t his first run-in with the police, however. “…Another time when I was like 3-4 the police came to our house because my brother and I were destroying the living room and the cop saw the commotion through the big glass window and came to check it out.” I don’t know what sort of carnage a preschooler has to wreak for a cop to house visit, so I’ll leave it your imaginations.

Andre joined ICS because, he said, a smaller school would be good for him. He also said that its Christian aspect is important. “…also because it is a Christian based school and that’s a very important part of my life.”

I also got the chance to ask him a very fun question: “If you were locked up in a tiny room, what’s the last thing you would want stuck in there with you?” His response was clear.

“I don’t know why,” he says, “but I hate roaches so much…” Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t hate cockroaches? Even the people who don’t hate them will refuse to touch one. Then again, did you know that most Americans swallow between one and two pounds of insect bits a year? (Want to know more about insects in your food? Check out the link at the bottom of this article.)

Now, we all know that no matter how big and strong (or tall) a guy is, he has to have some sort of soft spot. Andre was more than willing to lay bare his darkest secrets. He says that his weakness is kittens and puppies. That’s understandable. He also says that he has a soft spot for children. Oh yes, I do too. Then he says he likes short girls.

That’s right. All you short girls, you know who you are. Watch out. Then again, as Kiara Chendrawan said, “Who isn’t shorter than him?”

That’s all for this interview – but try cornering him on these things and ask him out yourselves.

For more info on how many insect limbs we unknowingly eat, follow this link:

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