This Thursday, the girls had their one and only home volleyball game. With literally deafening cheers, ICS students and teachers came to support their team. Thundering voices like EJ’s, Migo’s, Ian’s, and Miss Lafferty’s led the fans.

“How do you do that?” I asked Miss Lafferty after a particularly booming cheer.

“You just… project!” she replied, using both hands to gesture at the entire gym.

The girls won the first and third sets, losing the second by a hair. The end of the last set became incredibly tense. In the last set of the game, the girls were ahead 24-21, one point from winning, and on their own serve. Victory seemed unavoidable – and then they lost the point. The Australian school raced back up, and the fight became a contention for the two-point lead that would be necessary for a win. The gym, as big as it was, seemed filled with an electric energy that got everyone standing. The tension was palpable as the two teams fought for that final two-point lead.

In brilliant Knights fashion, they got it. The gym echoed with the cheers of the fans, who made the customary tunnel for both volleyball teams to race through.

I personally never knew that volleyball could be this fun to watch. Who’s joining me for one of their upcoming games?

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