Why The Lakers Will Be The 2015 NBA Champions

Forget about last year, and the year before that, the Los Angeles Lakers are back. Stronger than ever. Here’s why.


First of all, the Lakers have acquired point guard Jeremy Lin, which will help the offensive side. Lin will help veteran PG Steve Nash, who is very inconsistent nowadays and can’t always be relied on, but Lin is still relatively young and is quite explosive on the court.


The second reason why has to do with the coaching team. The previous coach, Mike D’Antoni, has finally left the purple and gold and will be replaced by former Lakers guard Byron Scott. Who’s Byron Scott? He’s played along Laker legends Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson during the Showtime Era. There is no one better, maybe other than Phil Jackson, who knows the Lakers than Scott. In addition, Byron Scott won NBA Coach of the Year while he was coaching the Charlotte Hornets.


The third reason is the acquisition of Carlos Boozer from the Bulls. For the past few years, Chicago has had extremely strong defense with Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah. With Boozer on the Lakers, the defensive end will greatly improve.


And the last reason, is of course the return of the beloved veteran Laker, Kobe Bryant. Kobe is known to be one of the most consistent, all-rounded NBA players of all time. He is versatile and can play both offense and defense better than most, is able to play a number of positions, not only shooting guard, and can easily score 20-30 points per game when fully healthy. Bryant is known for his relentless work ethic during training, even noted by previous Laker coach Phil Jackson. Kobe Bryant is the captain of the Lakers and is known for pushing his teammates to their limit.


So that sums up the reasons why the Lakers might very well be the 2015 NBA Champions. There will be doubters saying it’s impossible for a team to have a complete turnover in one year, but they need to remember a certain individual named Michael Jordan who somehow managed to transform the Chicago Bulls from a losing team to a first-tier team in six months.


Watch out NBA, the Lakers are making a comeback, and a pretty big one.

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