Advice from the Expert!

Are any of you trying to live a healthy lifestyle? Here are some tips and advice from an exercise expert: Mr. Falcone. He is a living example of how to implant fitness into one’s life. His daily routine will inspire you to exercise more, so keep reading!

1) I try to exercise twice or so daily but occasionally take a day off if I need rest. My exercise schedule is essentially easy days on MondayWednesdayFriday, and Sunday. On MWF, I like to practice slack lining, swimming, basketball, or soccer after cross country practice. On these days, I primarily try to focus on endurance and/or skills, but not power or strength. On Tuesdays I try to weight lift with Mr. Moore and Mr. Fields and then go for a short run. Recently, I started doing Muay Thai on Thursdays and a hard run, either hill repeats, a threshold run, or interval repeats. On Saturdays, I go climbing and do another hard run. On Sundays, I try to do some back bending yoga and a long easy run.
2) For me, the only way to find the time to exercise is to make it a priority. I also like to set challenging goals that force me to train to finish. Keeping track of my time and using a points-award system has helped me stay focused and to see my progress in different areas. Each week, I fill out a log/goals sheet with how much I practiced towards each goal. Whenever a goal is finished, I cross off the goal from the list and give myself a predetermined number of points based on how difficult I thought the goal was. With enough points, I treat myself to a luxury item that I don’t need but would like. My next target is a smart phone (yes, I still use a prehistoric Nokia hand phone).
3) For recommendations, first figure out what you would like to be able to do and what is required to get there. If you want to be a starter on the basketball team, how much practicing will you need to do outside of practice and what do you need to do to get to the next level? Try to eliminate things that aren’t important and rewarding, such as watching TV and surfing the web or watching random YouTube videos. Staying active increases my desire to eat well since bad fuel makes me operate at a lower level. Realize that you can’t do everything and pick your favorite activities to work on. This is very challenging for me since I want to do everything. One last important suggestion is that you try to make your social activities revolve around an activity, such as playing basketball or climbing.
4) As stated earlier, goals really help motivate me to train and stay focused. Each moment, our decision on how we use our time is a reflection of what we value most. Life is a constant struggle between consumption and production, and far too often we choose consumption, relaxing and not working towards our future goals. In the words of Henry Hazlitt, “strolling in the valleys is much more pleasant than climbing.” Long term perspective is key to having a desire to climb the mountain.

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