Artist of the Month

Many people like art, as it helps us appreciate the world around us and see the beauty in everything. There are some students at ICS who have taken art class and go beyond what is expected of them. They see art as more than something they are required to do, but something they enjoy and personally apply lessons to it for others. Mr. Moore, our High School art teacher, says that art students are not just art students, but are being true artists. They use their own ideas and tell a new story with their piece of art. To encourage and inspire those doing that, and others who may see them, so that they both may go on to share something great with our culture, Mr. Moore has organized a project called the ‘Featured Artist of the Month’ where a student who not only has great art, but takes it to a whole new level and shares what they have discovered in their minds to the world. The purpose of this project is to show that when a person steps up and says, “yes” to doing something generous, to give themselves to others, to make or acknowledge beauty, to see what is needed and doing something about it, to feed souls, that person is doing a good work. To quote Mr. Moore: “It has been said that artists are much like the ‘Christmas Shepherds’… those on the fringes who are often the first to recognize a miracle. It is the job of an artist to recognize beauty and to bring that to a culture that would suffer without them. We want to encourage that here at ICS!”

For this month of September, our ‘Featured Artist’ is Young Sik, a student who has been credited for his great art and exemplary way of applying art into practical life. He always liked art as a child and when he was in his junior year, he choose art as his major, as he wanted to study it more when he is in college and throughout his life. Young Sik likes to paint human beings, as he says that each human being is unique, and so when he paints a human, it is always different from any other one. In his own words: “I am interested in painting humans, because every human has a different look, so every time I draw a different person I feel like I am drawing a totally different thing. Drawing a human needs lots of concentration, because only a few centimeters can massively affect the composition of the face or body.” Young Sik is usually inspired to paint by abstract artworks. He favors abstract paintings, because they often impress him with their uses of colors. When observing the combinations of the colors that is different from the real world, it makes him wonder that how those colors together can be visualized in a way that’s not so awkward; even the colors that don’t seem to be working together look good together. His favorite media, and material for his art is himself. He says that since he knows himself more than he does about others, he can express his feelings through drawing a face with a strong facial expression or drawing things on the background of the painting to convey his meaning.YoungSik5

Young Sik looks forward to being an artist in the future and is hoping to become good at what he does best in art: drawing a piece that is unique and can be seen as his own work. He wants to be an artist who draws whatever he wants to. He wants to draw his works without worrying about the income and other people’s perspective or view on them. Someday, he also wishes to draw a piece with its meaning that is conveyed in a way that only he can recognize. Young Sik recongizes every individual is unique and a human person can conveys specific meanings in special ways. He wants to show to people that one can do things without being insecure or pressure of outside forces and make a beautiful thing, even if it’s viewed low to some people. He sees how everyone is made in the image of God and has something to contribute to the rest of the world. The abstract things about his works all have a meaning and sometimes one has to look harder into the painting than just the general picture to find its true meaning. Young Sik is a creative and a deep thinker in regards to his artwork and always expresses himself in an artistic way. He is an inspiration to the school and to all who know him outside of school.






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