Shoeboxes for India

The time of the year arrived once again! No doubt, all of you have heard the familiar song that goes like this: “Shoe-box, shoe-box, India, India, Shoe-box, shoe-box, India, India… and so on and so on.” Does it ring a bell? Well, for our entire high school,the challenge this year is to raise $5000 for the shoe-box cause. If we manage to do so, we shall have one day of free dress. Did you hear me? Free- dress!!! Not only is this a school wide goal, but among the classes, there is an ongoing friendly competition on who is able to raise the most money. The winning home room will be rewarded with not one, but two days of full dress! So game on, high school!

At the moment, the Sophomores are taking the lead in our friendly competition, followed by the Freshmen, the Seniors, and then the Juniors.

As a school, we have raised about $768 which is 30 shoe-boxes out of 200


We still have one more week to go! We can do it! GO Knights!


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