The Maze Runner – Movie Review (SPOILERS)

I recently went to the theaters to see the movie “The Maze Runner”. This movie starred Dylan O’Brien (Thomas), Aml Ameen (Alby), Ki Hong Lee (Minho) and Will Poulter (Gally).


The movie opens on Thomas in an elevator, he is anxious and doesn’t have any memory of his previous life. He reaches the top floor and finds himself in a large field filled with trees and buildings made out of wood (The Glade). He is surrounded by a large group of  boys and realizes that the field is surrounded by a huge wall. He questions the boys, and they tell him it’s a maze.

Slowly Thomas’ curiosity grows, and he becomes more interested in the maze, but he knows that only the people voted to become the “runners” can go into the maze during the day. They are chosen because of their strength and stamina because if they don’t make it back to the gates of the maze before nightfall, they will be trapped in the maze the rest of the night, and no one has ever survived a night in the maze. That is because of man-made creatures called “grievers”. They kind of look like this…

After Thomas sees Minho dragging the limp body of Alby after he was stung by grievers through  the maze as the gatesclosed, he feels as though he needs to take action. Thomas jumped in through the gates just as they were closing and joins Minho and Alby in the dark maze. They run all night, and Thomas tricks a griever and kills it–a first. The other boys wait outside the the gates to see if the group will come back, and they did; for the first time in the history of the maze, people survived a night.

But now there is controversy, was Thomas permitted to do this? No. Should they make him a runner? Who knows. Everything starts changing and everyone is on edge. One day the “box” – an elevator that transports runners – opens to reveal a girl: the first girl ever. She has a note which says, “She is the last one ever.” This causes havoc in the Glade.

Then, during the night, the gates don’t close, the grievers come out of the maze and start killing a massive amount of the population of the Glade. In the end, Minho shows Thomas the fully mapped out maze, he hasn’t made it public because they didn’t know a way out, until Thomas killed a griever and it gave them a clue to a way out. Thomas and Minho publicly say to the boys (and girl) that they think they know a way out they need a team that wants to leave the maze once and for all. They gather a team and head into the maze. They run and get out but lose some of their team due to grievers.

My Opinion

This is where I totally lost emersion in the movie. The story fell apart and it didn’t really make sense, we lost two characters after they escaped the maze for no exact reason and the dialogue becomes disjointed. The directors are mainly trying to grab the viewer and make sure that they go and see the sequel that will obviously be coming. It is so obvious because the last line of the movie was literally,”It’s time to start phase 2.”

Overall, the acting by the main characters was pretty good and kept me immersed up until the end. As for the girl, she doesn’t have much substance in her character, which interrupts the narrative.

There were a few jump scares, and they did scare me. Were they right for the scene? No. I think in the end, the director did an okay job and the movie was just another book-turned-movie tailored towards teens. If you have read the books, I suggest you think twice about buying tickets; they go completely off the book to make the plot seem more tense–a move that fails because the movie never really comes together.

In conclusion, this movie was an okay movie that was basically just a “filler” movie to quench the lack of movies for teens/kids recently. I recommend it if there isn’t any other movie you want to see. Being a teenager myself, I enjoyed it just because its a movie, but it isn’t in my top 10.

The Maze Runner –

Dylan O’Brien (Thomas) –


Will Poulter (Gally) –

Ki Hong Lee (Minho) –

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