Lights, Camera, Action!

scroogeAs you might have heard, the school play is just around the corner! This year, the play that is being performed is, ‘Scrooge,’ an upbeat, lively Christmas musical. The talented cast are rehearsing like crazy, with not only memorising lines but song lyrics and dance moves as well. Although it is a Christmas play, it will be performed this November. All are welcome, so invite your friends and family!

I had the honour of getting the inside scoop about the play from the wonderful director, Ms Word. Not to get confused with The Grinch,  ‘Scrooge,’ She says, ‘is a man who hates Christmas.’  From start to finish, the play is both action-packed and touching. Ms Word tells us that, ‘The cast is working hard to get ready. They are going to singing and dance rehearsals as well as acting rehearsals.’ I’m sure that it’s not only the performers who are working hard, but also the directors, choreographers and music teachers. It takes a lot of time, energy and effort to put on a musical! One difficulty that she is facing is that, ‘There is a great deal to get done in a short amount of time.’ But, Knowing how talented the members of the crew are, I am positive that they will blow us away with their final performance. Like Ms Word said, the best part of being involved in the play is, ‘Getting to work with such wonderful, talented students!’

When I asked why we should watch the play this year, she said, ‘There is not only a great message in the transformation of Scrooge, but the play is lively, fun, and touching. This wonderful cast will sing and dance and act their way into the hearts of the viewers.’

I hope you all get to support the crew and come and watch the performance! As you can probably tell, you won’t be let down by the incredible singing, dancing and acting from our very own ICS students.

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