A Short Interview with Amos Chi

Amos Chi – that lovely optimistic young man who views the world through the lenses of optimism and hope – recently caught my attention. At first I wondered if he ever smiled – then I realized he’s a funny guy. Then I thought that he must not be a good student because he plays LOL (or is it Dota?) all class long. Then I realized that he’s a genius. I guess that when I interviewed him, I got just the responses I expected.

“What makes you happy in life?” I ask.

“Nothing,” is his curt reply.

“What makes you sad in life?”


The next question I expected to have a fun answer, and I was right.

“What is your view on the role of emotion in life?”

“It exists only to torment.”

My range of questions have been a bit pessimistic, so I try to throw in others that would give me more chances to see the rays of sunlight in Amos’ heart.

“When was the last time you smiled?”

“Two seconds ago.” If everything makes him sad in life, what could have made him smile?

I remember that he would often walk into school moments before the bell rings in comfortable flip-flops and with his bag slung over his shoulder. I asked him when he woke up, and he said at 7:30. I’m assuming this gives him time to wake up, ruminate on the injustices of life (as he claims he does) and throw together his things before heading off to school.

Amos turned down the offer to tell me his deepest secret. “Ask me no questions and I’ll tell no lies,” he says.

And with that, I conclude my interview.

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