Late Kids

We all know who those kids are – those ones that manage to walk right into school the second the bell rings, entirely nonplussed, probably just woken up. And we know the others, who live right down West Coast Road yet come to school late almost every day. Then there are those who live in Bedok or Tampines, yet are at school thirty minutes before the first bell. We all speculate on this phenomenon: is it possible that the further you live from school, the earlier you will show up to it?

I sent out a survey to the high school to see whether there was any correlation between the distance people lived from school and how late they showed up to school. It seemed like there actually was a connection. Not all the kids that stayed close came late, but, for sure, they rarely come very early. They are the ones who come less than fifteen minutes before the bell rings.

How long before the bell do you arrive at school?

An interesting thing to note, also, is the fact that nearly a third of the responding students claimed to come to school within five minutes of the bell ringing. What does this say about how people like to time themselves?

How many times a quarter do you come late to school?

According to the survey, also, 65% of students come to school late at least once a quarter. We give special applause to those 35% of the kids who claim to (almost) never be late to school. And do 12% of students really get a detention each quarter for coming to school late more than four times? I don’t believe so. But hey, I’m not complaining!


  1. Shally Paul says:

    I have more accurate information for you Victor . Check your email. Thank you
    Shally Paul

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