Mr. Falcone: An Expert at the Running Man

Now I’m not sure if he is a professional at the dance, but he is a running man. Mr. Falcone is the high school physics teacher, gym teacher, and cross country coach here at ICS. He is a great runner, and so I wanted to know how he does it.

He started out with humble beginnings as some of our cross country team has. He started running back in his 5th grade year when he had thought it fun to run laps in his school’s gym. His PE teacher noticed this and convinced him to join the track team. This is where it all began. He ran mid distance track pretty much every year since 5th grade: all through middle school, high school, and college. Sometimes his teams were small and discouraging, like in his junior year when his team was only him and his twin brother, but he kept on running knowing that he was improving himself.

Mr. Falcone said that his friends all throughout his school days helped motivate him to keep pushing. Now if you know Mr. Falcone, this would be a surprise to you: he was planning on not running senior year of college. What? Not running? How can that be? But he did run because his peers were running that year. That year he set his personal bests, so it’s a good thing he kept going.

As most of the ICS students know, Mr. Falcone is the coach for cross country, so I wanted to know what other teams he has coached and how long he has been coaching here. He replied that his track coach left the high school he was attending his junior year, so him and his brother coached their team throughout the rest of junior and senior year of high school. Yet, they were mostly there just to have fun, so it didn’t really work out well to improve them in their athletics.

Everyone that has ran cross country or track for some time has a favorite run or a favorite day of running. For Mr. Falcone, this day was a meet that he had in 8th grade where his coach put him into the 1600 m illegally and unintentionally, and he was disqualified after winning the race. He then had to run his original 4 events: 800 m, 400 m, 200 m, and the 100 m. Somehow, he placed in all of them and was unable to break that 800 m time for almost 8 years!

Mr. Falcone is an amazing athlete that I, and a lot of ICS students look up to. He started from doing leisurely runs around his school’s gym to training for a 2 minute 800m time. He has inspired us, and he continues to. Mr. Falcone is an expert running man. 😀

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