Padgett’s Pocky Sticks

So you hand in your Bible test, and Mr. padgett says, “Grab a Pocky stick” This is not an unusual event. One day, I walked up to the one and only, Padgett and decided to interview him.

Not questioning his Pokky snack tradition, although that is a well – known fact on this high school campus,  rather I questioned him on his life at ICS, as well as a brief testimony.

How did you feel when you got the call that there had been an opening to teach at ICS?

“Actually, I got a shock! We left ICS previously because of an unforeseen issue with our house in the states. Just the day before the call, I had been in prayer about long-term decisions and my calling to serve the Lord. Within 7 days, Mrs. P and I knew the Lord had opened the door for our return. Within 90 days, we were back @ICS Once a Knight, always a Knight!”

When you came back, did you find that there had been a lot of changes in ICS?

“Not so much change lah! I had the opportunity to visit ICS a few times while on mission trips. There are a lot of familiar faces and names but also a lot of new ones to learn. One thing for sure, Mr D’s jokes have not changed!”

Was it a strange feeling to return after several years of being back in the USA?

“Yes, it was very surreal during the first week. However, it was a rapid return to reality when the heat & humidity welcomed us at Changi at 3am, the smell of durian at the market, and we saw like 500 people on the overcrowded 963 bus! We knew we were not in Kansas no more (Go Jayhawks! That was for Ms. Bandy).”

Could you briefly give a bit of your testimony?
“At the age of 22 I heard the good news message of Jesus. I had a form of religion but no relationship with the Lord. My wife and I both received His gift of salvation by grace. We made a decision to follow Christ and dedicated our lives to serve Him…greatest decision ever! No reserve, no retreats, no regrets!”
Daily, Mr. Padgett displays what it means to be a true christian and to follow God. It was a pleasure talking with him for this interview.
 PadgettPockyThis is he. ———>


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