How About Block Schedule?

Block scheduling or not: that is the question:

Whether ’tis nobler at school to suffer

The hours and hours of heavy workloads,

Or to make a stand, against this current schedule,

and by so doing end it? To get sanity: to sleep…

Excuse me for waxing eloquent, but I felt inspired. I have recently heard rumors of our ICS high school considering a switch to a block schedule. Whether those rumors are grounded in any amount of truth or not, I’m writing this article in the hopes of speeding up the progress (or start it completely, if I must).

The idea of block scheduling is simple: instead of having seven forty-five minute classes in a day, you have three to four ninety minute classes.

The benefits of doing a block schedule type of class, for the students, are many. The daily workload will drop, since students will have only half of their classes to attend to daily. Once you are done with a school day, you really are done – there’s far less homework that’s trying to hound at you for the rest of the day. There is an obvious fear: “Classes will be even longer?”

The benefits teachers would enjoy are at least as plentiful as the ones students would. There would be more time for teachers to delve into the things the try to teach. “Household” things, such as getting the previous night’s homework turned in and passing out previously graded papers, would take up a smaller percentage of the overall class time. The teacher could explain more of the course information in a single class setting without getting abruptly interrupted by the bell. Planning for a class is also simpler, because there are less classes to plan for. While they are longer, and might require more time, they can still be far more effective.

The point is, I’d rather put more effort into the school day, then have my own life outside of it, than have half-work to do all day.


  1. Nice opinion piece! An article like this deserves a follow-up with a school survey and some statistics! What do other students think? I’m all for block scheduling! More time learning, being creative, and less time shuffling class to class, set-up, clean-up, less tardy slips and less detention, etc!

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