Soccer Trip to Thailand!

image (1)Finishing their season with a bang, the High School Boy’s Soccer team travelled to Thailand over the weekend for a tournament. Daniel Jungnickel, Junior at ICS and proud member of the team, first tells us, “Our season was a success, we really bonded as a team and we played very well in our division. We played for first place but sadly we lost, which then placed us third in the season.”

We were also able to ask Daniel a few questions about the trip. He said that, “The best part for me was the weather on the second day. It was a cloudy day and it drizzled sometimes, perfect for low shots and slide tackles. What really stood out to me was the team bonding, we really are brothers instead of team-mates.” Despite a few losses, the boys did exceptionally well, winning four games over the tournament. This placed them first in bracket B, and ninth over all.

As we all know, where there is sport, there is injury. Mr. Jungnickel said that, “Several of our key players had already sustained injuries before the tournament, like Jim and Ken (both ankle injuries), but that did not stop them. We faced some rough teams and some of us got fouled severely. Bryan was hit in the chest twice in a row, but he still played. Overall it was an exhausting weekend and all of us put everything we got into the games and sometimes too much. Pulled muscles and sore ankles were common at the end of the trip.”

We are all so proud our soccer stars for their hard work and determination throughout this season. (Please remember us when you’re famous!).

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