StuCo’s Game Night.

The Student Council game night which I am sure many of you have been waiting for has been (unfortunately and regrettably, on the Student Council’s side) cancelled due to the usual communication hiccups. Classes were only informed about this event recently and there wasn’t much time for the students to prepare and plan their schedule for the night.

I know all of us might want to blame the Student Council for being “ineffective” and “not well prepared”, but before any of us decide to cast the first stone, let’s remember this:

The Student Council comprises of students no different from you and me. They have just as much homework as we do. They face the same high school drama and the same stress from tests and exams. All of us fail at one point of our lives and there is no reason for the Council members to be exempt from such a trait of human kind.

Even though we missed out on a fun night of games and laughter, StuCo shouldn’t be bashed up for a little flaw in their record of great events.

To Student Council: Thank you for planning all the events so far in the year like Lock-in and for investing time to give us, students, an enjoyable time for school events.


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