The Art Calendar has been Decided

This is what we’ve been waiting for, the results of the art calendar have been revealed. ICS has been voting over the past week and now we know the top 13 artists being put into the 2015 Calendar. The 14 winners are as follows:

1. Monica Kim (Front Cover)

2. Raymond Choi

3. Manami Asa

4. Taran Estad

5. An-Jian Ong Garcia

6. Julia Nam

7. Young Sik Eom

8. Ye Ji Jun

9. Joshua Park

10. Graham Weaver

11. Daniel Jungnickel

12. Benjamin Rigden

13. Aaron Park (Back Cover)

These students and all the other art students have worked their hearts out for awhile now, and it definitely shows. The top 3 winners were just 1 ballot apart each! This year’s voting was a struggle, but you can definitely see the joy in people’s faces when they see that they made it. All the art this year was great, even though some didn’t make it into the calendar, they still put a lot of effort into their work and this year’s art surely does impress.

2D Art Class

2D Art Class


Raymond Choi’s Art (2nd Place)


Manami Asa’s Art (3rd Place)


Monica Kim’s Art (1st Place)

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