Tips and tricks to being happy and healthy – Without dieting

imagesAlright, so these days, all health is about is counting and cutting down on calories, no carbs, no sugars and absolutely NO fats.

What if I told you that most of these health beliefs are sheer myths?

Most diets that particularly young women follow often cause malnutrition and vitamin and protein deprivation. The idea that one must count calories and limit their caloric intake gives us the misperception that if we eat less, we weigh less. FALSE.

People who eat consistently and in a healthy manner throughout the day often are the ones whose metabolism shoots up and their weight will naturally drop. Saying that diets don’t have a good side would also not be correct, diets often encourage us to throw out the junk and the sugars and take in the fruits and the vegetables. Balance, balance is the key. Eating fruits and vegetables, yes, but we also need to have protein and even some salt and sugar. It’s okay, treat yourself every once in a while, but don’t let it be your lifestyle.

I know what I just said may cause you to doubt the truth behind this article; however, what good is it if you are thin, yet have a complete lack in nutrients and all things good for the body? It is important that we do not give in to the lies that particularly media, and maybe even doctors, sometimes tell us. We are surrounded in this day and age by what standard we need to have with our physical appearance; but this, although cheesy, comes down to needing to love yourself just as God loves you and created you.

You will find when you eat healthy, exercise normally, and have a sufficient amount of sleep, you naturally will feel happy as well. The leading cause to depression and anxiety comes from not eating right, not sleeping, and not exercising. So why the trouble?
Why the stress? Is it not worth it to take care of ourselves and live happy lives, and that way be able to serve God better every day? Think about it.



  1. Well said, Shannah!

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