Meeting Miss Rambo


Hilarious, vivacious and gentle-hearted. Caring, fun and easy-going. These are just a few of the words used to describe the new English teacher who has graced us with her presence at ICS this year. Yes, I’m talking about the wonderful Miss Rambo. She was kind enough to give us an insight into her life, so that we can get to know her better.

She tells us the story of how she came to be at this school. “I guess it really started with a love of travel and a desire to be used wherever the Lord would have a place for me. After getting my undergrad degree in Philosophy, I lived for different lengths of time in Ghana and China. I taught at the American International School in Ghana and loved the community and students. But I wanted a degree in education before making teaching a career. I went in to grad school knowing that I wanted to use my teaching degree overseas. Between finishing grad school and coming over here, I spent time teaching at a private school near Atlanta. I think that time in the classroom was invaluable because I learned a lot about being a teacher. Then around Christmas last year I began to feel like it was time to consider looking at international schools. So, I started to pray about finding a position at a school with a strong community in a big city (I love big cities). The Lord then used Mr. Brown to help open the door to ICS.  I’ve known the Brown family for a long time and when I heard Mr. Brown was considering teaching at a school in Singapore I asked him if he knew whether or not there were any English positions available.  I had been to Singapore when I was living in China and had good memories from that brief visit.  When he said there might be a position, I applied.  After interviewing with Mr. Kennedy and Mr. D over Skype, I felt like this was the door the Lord was opening, and I decided that if they offered me the job I should take it. They did and here I am.”

She definitely has her plate full, teaching not only Biblical Worldview and Senior Thesis, but also Speech, British Literature, and co-teaching Yearbook with Ms. Shang. We asked her what she enjoys most about teaching. “I love discussing interesting topics with students. I love that every day I get to talk about literature and the meaning of life. One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about being at ICS is the diversity in what I teach. For example, I might start the day discussing existentialism with Worldview, then teach persuasive techniques in speech, then consider different layouts or font options for the yearbook, and end the day reading Shakespeare.  I love that I get to do so many different things throughout the day.” But, as you can imagine, she has a lot of responsibility. “One of the most challenging parts of teaching this year is the flip side to what I love most about teaching. With such a diverse schedule (which again I love) it means there can be quite a bit of prep work or grading and that can lead to some long days.” Students aren’t the only ones who have a lot of work to do after school!

Like most if not all English teachers, Miss Rambo is a major book worm. If she could be any Disney Princess, she would be Belle (she even dressed as her for Spirit Week!) because of her reading addiction and enthusiasm for libraries. She adds “I LOVE stories so a lot of my spare time is spent either reading, watching tv/movies, or listening to podcasts and audiobooks.  If I become even a tiny bit interested in a story I have to finish it and find out what happens at the end.” Aside from reading, Miss Rambo tells us, “The past few months I’ve really enjoyed sleeping in my spare time. In general though, I like to run and I enjoy drawing, although I don’t get to do either as often as I’d like.”

Tabitha Graves, senior at ICS and student in Miss Rambo’s Worldview class, tells us what goes on inside her classroom. “We discuss an array of topics. What I like about worldview is that we don’t just read about different worldviews. She brings new information and means of discussion into the class in a very unique and diverse ways! For example, she will let us listen to radio broadcasts, Youtube videos, blogs or news articles, etc. She uses media to remind us how relevant and important it is to be aware of what is happening in our world today! She also asks us practical questions that encourage us to apply what we discuss in class. ”

Naomi Ditzenberger, another senior at ICS who is in her Worldview and British Literature class, says, “Worldview gives each person a chance to express how they feel about the world, like the meaning of life and the way we should go about living, and it lets me look at things in perspective. I love it!”

In her short time being here, Miss Rambo is already dearly loved by the students. Here are some sweet things our seniors had to say about her: “What I really like about Miss Rambo is that she is very approachable. Although she is obviously our teacher, she is also our friend. And I know that she is willing to extend understanding and grace when we need it!” Another student says, “I love Ms. Rambo’s really mellow way of teaching. Every day, we do something different in class, whether it’s looking over an article or song and discussing it, watching short video clips, or listening to her lecture. She’s also extremely sweet and easy going, but at the same time maintains order in the class and earns the students’ respect.”

The time and energy that Miss Rambo puts into planning each of her lessons is not put to waste. The love she pours into her students is 100% reciprocated. She always comes up with a way to communicate ideas to her students in creative, fun and interactive ways. She is a valued part of ICS, and we are excited to get to know her even more this year. We love you, Miss Rambo!

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