We can’t avoid the fact that finals are next week, but what we can avoid is over-stressing and over-studying. Now, I’m not saying not to study or prepare for the finals, they are still very important, but don’t go overboard either. I know people that pull all-nighters the night of their finals to try and cram all the information in their overworked brains. In fact studies show that if you cram the night before, you will suffer from fatigue, sometimes even headaches, and in fact do WORSE on your exam. The ideal thing to do is study over a period of time, i.e over the weekend. Remember, although the finals are important to your overall grade, it’s not your whole entire life. Another thing is don’t go in thinking you’re going to fail, because often you’ll do what you believe you will. Instead, go in with a positive attitude and say “I can do this.”  Take it easy, don’t cram, and best of luck. Merry Christmas everyone.

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