Our Lovely Ms. Keister

         imagesThere are many interesting people at ICS, and a major one is one of the high school social studies teachers, Ms. Keister! Funny, smart, kind, easygoing, relatable, and affable are some of her most significant traits.
         Ms. Keister, where did you live before moving to Singapore, and how did it compare to Singapore? She answers, “Last year, I lived in Dushanbe, Tajikistan in Central Asia.  Think about the opposite of everything awesome about Singapore and that is what Dushanbe is like.  There were a couple spiffy things about Dushanbe though:  the naan, the colorful local clothing, and the prices.  I think I spend more at the grocery store here in one trip than I spent in a whole month in Tajikistan. I am from Pennsylvania, but not the fancy Philly part.  I lived most of my life in the center where cows outnumber people.  My neighbors were Amish/Mennonites and I lived on a cattle farm.  Most stores close by 8 pm so there’s not a whole lot to do there except walk through the beautiful countryside, watch TV,  and attend high school sporting events.  Aside from that difference, I really am missing the seasons.  For example, Pennsylvania is AMAZING in autumn – cool, colorful, sunny.  Singapore is just … hot.”
          What was the transition like, moving from your past home to Singapore? She says, “Because I was teaching overseas last year, I was only able to spend about 3 weeks with my family and friends over the summer before I had to move the Singapore.  I am pretty close to my four younger sisters, so that was not awesome.  In that three weeks I also had to find time to catch up with all my friends (I do have some). It was pretty exhausting.  Three weeks after I moved to Singapore, I then had to go back home for my sister’s wedding.  I’m pretty sure that I didn’t sleep for about 6 days with all the decorating, wedding-ing and traveling.”
         Why did you choose to move to Singapore? She answers, “I never thought I would come to Singapore.  If you had told me a year ago that this is where I’d be, I would have probably laughed and made some kind of sarcastic comment about pigs flying.  But, in recent years I’ve been pretty open to God on the front of letting him put me where he needs me regardless of what I have to give up to make it happen.  I shouldn’t have been surprised then, when just an hour after I was offered the job here, I randomly read II Corinthians 8 which basically says “You are young-ish and willing to go.  SO GO” (Keister paraphrase).  That sealed it.  You shouldn’t say no to God.”
        What are your hobbies and favorite things to do? She says, “I have an unhealthy addiction to American football (GO PENN STATE) and really enjoy sports in general.  I watch an unhealthy amount of The Office and Brooklyn Nine Nine.  I love to read and am always plowing through a history book (VERY slowly) while sprinkling in juvenile fiction (just finished Maze Runner #1 and Divergent) and “classic” fiction (yay, Russian literature).  When in America, I sing with my sisters and pretend that I know how to play the piano.”
       Other students have positive things to say about Ms. Keister as well. Graham says that she is “nice, cool, and chill.”
       This amazing teacher has many talents and is definitely worth getting to know. If you do not have her for your teacher, then you are truly missing out and should get to know her! ICS is lucky to have such a wonderful staff member working on campus.

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