Social Media and Technology: Is It Good or Bad?

Social media, something we all use these days to get around, communicate with friends, and just about anything else. All this technology is genuinely a blessing in some ways, but could it be a hazard in others? Technology has come with benefits, and has been able to save lives, aid red cross workers in their missions, and help students with projects and homework. However, in all this glory of technology, social media has consumed our lives. Imagine how different life would be if, instead of always, and I mean, always looking at our phones, we would pay attention to the world around us? All the people we would meet, who could potentially make an everlasting impact on our lives. But do we do that? No. This power that technology has over us has made our society, older people included, a bunch of self-centered, social anxious, absent-minded people. Life is filled with virtual friends, leading us to falsely believe that we have a sense of social satisfaction, when in all truth, we often are more lonely that we were before. A recent study has shown that the average teen spends 4.5 hours per day on their phones, with a 40% average of those that log in and out multiple times of their social media accounts per day. A study on Anxiety in the UK declared that in 2012, there was a 53% increase in anxiety levels among people who are social-media addicts. This epidemic of over-media usage has also opened the gates wide and clear for cyberbullying and other forms of cyber harassment. And it has become so easy because we are protected behind our screens, so nobody really knows. But this has caused an increase in suicide rates, particularly among teens.  So, in conclusion, as with many another things in this world, moderation people, moderation. It won’t harm us if we chat with our virtual friends, or check Instagram or Facebook, the problem lies in the never ending cycle of using our beloved phones.

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