The CHRIST in Christmas

The day has come at last! The 1st of December which has put most of us in to the Christmas spirit! As we, students, teachers, and other staff prepare for this favourite holiday, what’s going through your mind? What are you thinking about? Do you know why we celebrate Christmas? Christmas is a wonderful time of year with lights, decorations, christmas trees, and family time. But as we light up the lights of our beloved Christmas tree, do we realize what we’re celebrating? Often times, with our busy lives on this small, tropical island of Singapore, it is easy to forget the reasons of some of our celebrations, traditions, festivities. However, Christmas is a good time also to reflect, remember, and thank God that we are able to celebrate Christmas and that he sent Jesus for us, as the ultimate Christmas Gift. “Jesus is the reason for the season!” as you may have often heard, and as cliche as it sounds, it’s true.

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