Week Without Walls: The Boracy Team

Week Without Walls (WWoW), where high school students take a journey beyond their borders and normal life to a place unknown to them to serve the people there, has been done by ICS for many years. Students learn of the country’s culture and work to help its poor and needy people. This year, all the teams for WWoW would like to share where they are going and what they are planning to do. This will give us a brief introduction of the various trips they will be taking.

Our first WoWW team is the Boracay Team which is going to Boracy in the Philippines. The leaders are: Mr. Diztenberger, Ms. Rambo, Ms. Shang, Ms. Lamoreaux, and Mr. Stern. The student team members  are the seniors. They are going to the Philippines to visit the Ati people, one of the few native tribes of the Philippines to survive to this day. They will be playing with the little children and helping with a building project of some sort. As they prepare for this trip, they request that people pray for them to be able to reach out to the Ati people, especially those who don’t know Jesus, and serve them in the best way that they can with willingly hearts.

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