Team Cambodia

Week Without Walls is a time to go beyond ourselves to be of service to other people. We leave our natural environment to do things we wouldn’t normally do for people in another country that are in need. This can be very difficult, especially if it requires building projects and manual labor. This cannot be more true for the Cambodia Team, who are sharing with us how they feel and what they are planning for on their trip. The Cambodia Team has Mrs. Deibler, Ms. Lafferty, Mr. Falcone, Mr. Marston, and Mr. and Mrs. Kuang for their team leaders.

Some of the team leaders have gone to Cambodia before, like Mrs. Deibler, and she is happy go again with new students and experience new things. “I went last year and had a good time,” she said. “I am happy to go again and serve.” Mr. Kuang, who has never been on a WWoW trip to Cambodia, is also very excited for the trip. “I feel pretty happy about it, and I look forward to working with a big group of people,” he said. “My role is finance, keeping track of money spent, and looking after the boys. Having a big group is a great help in doing physical labor and I look foward to it. We not only leave memories on this trip, but the mount of our hard work behind too.”

The Cambodia Team is still unsure of where they are going in Cambodia, as there was no specific place available to serve in that is planned beforehand. But, there are over 100 orphanages in a certain town and the team will be serving in one of them as soon as their contactor, who’s in charge of those orphanages, informs them. While there, they will build fences for the orphanage and a house for the children to stay in. If there is time to spare, they will help the kids with school and teach them a little about the culture of Singapore. They would also play with them to pass the time.

The students in the team are a little shy with each other at the start, but they are gradually warming up to each other and they hope they can work together to serve the orphanage they will serve in well. As means of preparation, they are raising funds for the trip and interacting with the elementary school students. The Cambodia Team wishes that school pray that God will help guide them to do His will and give them the means to serve the people. “Our trip is considered the toughest trip in the sense of physical labor, so pray for us so that we may have strength and health,” says Mrs. Diebler. To end, let’s remember to pray for the Cambodia Team that God will help them be strong and enable them to do what they have to do make their trip successful.

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