Art-Is(t) Fun in Our Schoolll

Scroll down for a video interview with our very own Gibby Pena!

In ICS, you readers have had the chance to learn about the various sports teams and their victories. Not commonly mentioned, however, are our artists, who continue to bring life to our community. This month, we have three special artists who will be featured in our article.

Our first artist is Emmerine Lim,a young lady in Miss Bradshaw’s class, Grade 5A. Emmerine is 11 years old and from Malaysia. Art is definitely a wide world of different forms. Some artists like drawing flowers, others ;Emmerine enjoys drawing imaginary people. At the moment, Mr. Field’s Grade 5 art class is learning about working with clay and pottery-making and designing. They have art class twice in a six day rotation and have been doing pottery for awhile. Mr. Fields gave us a little information about their program for pottery. Two weeks are spent molding and another two weeks are spent glazing and designing the clay before firing it in the kiln. In class, Mr. Fields describes Emmerine as a student who “goes above and beyond” and “loves art”.

Artist #1: Emmerine

Artist #1: Emmerine Lim

"Emmy's" New Year's Resolutions as seen outside her classroom.

“Emmy’s” New Year’s Resolutions as seen outside her classroom.

Emmerine's pottery-in-progress

Emmerine’s pottery-in-progress

I asked Emmerine what she likes about drawing and she told me simply that it is “fun” and through it, she gets to “express herself”.

Our second artist ,Je Ho Cho in Grade 7, is a familiar face to the High School Orchestra, especially since he conducted them in the Christmas Chapel Service 2014.

Middle Schooler, Je Ho, conducts the high school orchestra

Middle Schooler, Je Ho Cho, conducts the high school orchestra

Knightly News: Is this your first time conducting an orchestra and how did you learn how to conduct?

Je Ho: Yes it is, Mrs. Goetz took the time to help me learn more.

Knightly News: Do you play any instruments yourself? What instrument is your favourite?

Je Ho: The clarinet.

Knightly News: What was the best part about conducting?

Je Ho: The recognition that I would get from my fellow students and band members.

Mrs. Goetz also had a bit to say about our young conductor:

Je Ho is a really really hard worker and a great musician. I’ve made him my assistant conductor all last semester and this semester and he’s worked really hard at it and he’s gained the students’ respect.

He has great rhythm and he’s picked up conducting. It’s been really easy for him, and he has seemed to really gain a lot of confidence in that area. When I’m in band class doing sectionals, I can take half of the band and he take the other half of the band. He works with them and I can tell him to work on parts with the saxophone or clarinet and go over certain parts to make sure they work well, and he does it.

He’s great.

Je Ho will be conducting yet another piece in ICS’s Spring Fest. This time, it’ll be a jazz piece called Kool Jazz. We all can’t wait to see this young artist at work once more!

Our last artist, Gibby Peña, is a senior in High School who participated in the last school musical, Scrooge, as the leading man. I managed to get an inside scoop on his experience as a performer. Instead of doing a traditional interview, in which we simply ask questions and type down their answers, we’ve decided to video interview him making use of the modern, and amazing invention-the camera phone.

Ms. Word, the director of the school play, also commented on our featured artist:

“In our fall play, Scrooge the Musical, Gibby was amazing in the role of Scrooge. He poured himself into the part, and it showed. Beyond his acting and singing, Gibby was consistent in his commitment to the play, his attitude, his behavior, and his cheerfulness even when it was hard. Gibby is an exceptional young man whose Godly character showed in all that he did.”

Gibby as Scrooge

Gibby Peña as Scrooge

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