Team Manila

Week Without Walls brings great experiences as well as mixed feelings. Some people are happy to be going again to a place if it is permitted, while others keep a great positive attitude despite their non-enthusiastic feelings but have steady expectations for the trip. Such is the case for the Manila Team, who are going to Manila in the Phillippines to serve in Kids International Ministries (KIM), which had grown over the years from a children’s home to many cooperating ministries for kids. Students will be doing some construction work and distributing rice to poor familes in the village. Also, they will be tutoring the kids and teaching them devotions. The team is currently planning their devotion lessons for the trip and interacting with their elementary buddies because the kids they will be serving in Manila are of the same grade level. The team is lead by Ms. Cantrell, Ms. Bandy, Mr. Whittaker, Mrs. White, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Loon. Two of these team leaders, Ms. Cantrell and Ms Bandy, have been to Manila several times before, and they very happy to be doing this another year with new students under their charge.

The Manilla trip has much excitement among the students and some are just as happy as their leaders to go to the Philippines. One such student, Araon, is very enthusiastic about the trip, particularly because he had a good experience last year on the trip. “I went last year to Manilla, and I know [this year] will be as amazing as last time. I love the time when we built a playground for the kids,” he said. “I look foward to meeting with kids again. There’s nothing to be nervous about, I am really excited. My teammates are of course different from last year, still I look foward to being and working with them.” There are a few students who are not so thrilled about the trip, this being their first time ever to go, and they have mixed feelings about it. Yet, they look foward to the trip and what they would be doing there. One of them, Jevan, said, “I honestly don’t feel excited, but I feel it will be a great experience. I look foward to meeting new people and doing new things.” While he feels not so happy, he believes it will be a good trip, and he would meet new people and do new things.

The Manila team asks that the school pray that God to grant all the students patience, understanding, and flexibility due to the plan changes at the last minute. Pray that the Lord would help them to bond as a team and raise some money for the construction project. More importantly though, that God would enable the students bring love to the kids in Manila. As they get ready for this big trip in two months time, they ask that we assist them in our prayers and help them be the hands and feet of Jesus on the trip. The Manila Team has posted a blog for all those who wish to follow them on the WWoW trip:



Where is this? If you know, take a selfie when you find it and e-mail it to  A free ice cream awaits the winner!

Where is this? If you know, take a selfie when you find it and e-mail it to A free ice cream awaits the winner!


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