New Year’s Resolution Review

So! It is that time of year again where we think to ourselves, “I want to do better in school.” “I am not going to procrastinate this year.” or, “I want to be healthy and lose a few pounds.” Well, if you have experienced the exciting process of creating a new years resolution, you know what I mean. On occasion, these New Years Resolutions actually succeed, but as we all know, more than once, they do not. To get an idea of the goals of some of the staff here at ICS, I decided to go around campus, and interview our very own, Ms. Cantrell and Mr. Ingram.

When I asked Ms. Cantrell about her goals, resolutions, and past failures and successes, we got to have an interesting conversation. The last time she had made one was around 2012, she wanted to gain healthy eating habits. But over the span of three weeks, she stopped due to school and the crazy schedule. Her ideal un-fail-able NYR would be for her to fall into a routine of spiritual and physical workouts. And her overall goal is time management. These are all very good goals, and will certainly benefit, good luck Ms. Cantrell!

A few minutes later, I had the delight of talking to Mr. Ingram and got to know some of his past goals, failures, and successes. He told me that his last goal or New Years Resolution was made around 2010/2011. His resolution was to cut on soda and drink more water, but as expected, that was easier said than done. Nevertheless, he did hold out for three weeks. When I asked him what his goal would be if he could not fail at it, he responded with, “I would love to be able to finish a book(s)” He said that his goals for this year would be to get involved with youth ministry ASAP. Before closing my interview, I inquired of him if he had with any words of wisdom for our fellow Knightly News readers, to which he closed with, “Faith is knowing that no matter what lies ahead, God is already there.”

Have a great week. Shannah, out.

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