Sophomore Study Habits

Well, this will be fun.

We as students should always study for tests or quizzes or just classes in general, but how much do we actually study? I asked some sophomores how they truly study and these were the responses I received:

  • “I’d say that I don’t have the best study habits (wish I did). What I like to do on the “good days” though, is put my phone on Do Not Disturb and chuck it onto my bed, so I can work free from distraction. I also exit Skype, just in case someone messages me. Usually, I avoid working with other people, because it’s often distracting and time-consuming. If I’m in a lazy, distracted mood, I set timers. I estimate how long the work will take, and then sit down with the timer running in front of me and work hard, kinda to “meet my quota”. My number 1 distraction is food; I’ll go down to the kitchen like five times while I should be working and just eat snacks. The problem is then that I see my sisters, we begin a conversation… and then there goes twenty minutes.”
  • “To study I put my music on and eat then I look over the answer sheet then write down notes on a separate sheet of paper to memorize and I repeat the question and answer or word and definition to myself.”
  • “I don’t have study habits”

I think these responses reveal a lot about our sophomores. We have organization sometimes, and sometimes we just have to wing it. But even though some may not have study habits, at least they study. The first response is a perfect way to study in today’s hectic world. Turning off social media and working your hardest will provide the most effective studying tactic. Our world has become connected through the internet and social media and these things make it hard to focus on our schooling. Therefore, it is always good to step back and remove distractions from our busy days to make time to study.



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