Team Vietnam

Week Without Walls is a time to go ‘beyond ourselves’ and reach out to people by serving in different countries.

While we can always serve in our community, sometimes it’s good for the people to go out in the world and help those in need, giving them the opportunity to serve. Some people serve in orphanages, but there are a few groups who serve a school and its students. Such is the case for the Vietnam Team, who will be going to Hanoi and serving a school there, helping children in middle-school by teaching them some English and playing games with them.

The team leaders are Mr. Ng, Mrs. Sward, and Mrs. Tan, who have been working with team members in the many activities for the trip. The team hopes to be able to reach out to the children there as they will be helping them with certain things. To prepare, they have been practicing their dances and recipes to cook. Some have been planning and playing games, making sure they are all ready to go. Others are creating lessons about baseball to show to the Vietnamese children. So far, everyone is learning to get along with each other and is improving.

All of the team members have expectations for the trip, and most of them are positive. They look forward to having fun there and being able to serve the people of Vietnam. They will be sharing about themselves and just being there for the children who will need their support. Mrs. Tan, being one of the team leaders, also expressed her thoughts on the trip: “Things will go wrong, so I have to keep a good attitude.” She knows there will be problems, that cannot be avoided, and hopes that everyone can be flexible and be positive in spite of them.

The team feels happy about the trip and hopes for it to have a good outcome, not for them, but for the people they are going to serve.

As the Vietnam Team makes ready to go on their trip in a few weeks from now, they ask that the school prays for them, so God would keep them safe and make sure no one gets sick. They hope they will have a positive impact on the Vietnamese people and serve them as God would want them to serve.

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